Moving Forward with Positive Affirmations

Girl in the Ocean

Throughout my entire life, the only way that I have been able to accomplish anything positive, is to of course sit in silence and “think.” This is different than meditating. When you think, you imagine what you want to accomplish, and then you listen to the feedback of the infinite realm of possibilities. In other[Read On…]

Understanding Hidden Keys within the Scriptures

Keys for Enlightenment

Well, it’s been quite a while since I’ve written anything new on this blog, which contains very little to begin with. The reason being is that I have been enduring some rather harsh set-backs, losses, health issues, etc., whatever you want to call it I guess. But personal problems would be the best way to[Read On…]

Why True Christians Have Trouble in this World

Isolation and Depression

This article was prompted by an e-mail that I received a couple of days ago from a guy who said that he was very encouraged by my words on the Home page of this site. He said that he was having troubles fitting in at work because he was different somehow, and that like me,[Read On…]

How to Interpret a Parable featuring The Parable of the Rich Man

Lilies of the Field

Below is a pretty well-known parable that Jesus told some folks in a crowd. This particular parable discusses a rich man who has to build bigger barns to hold his possessions. God then tells him that he is a fool for storing up so many possessions. The biggest problem most folks have in understanding this[Read On…]

Leaving the Scriptures, through the Scriptures

Sacred Scriptures Scroll

Walk into any major retail bookstore, and you will see countless thousands of books. There will also be several versions of sacred texts or scriptures that belong to various different cultures and religious factions, with the Bible being the biggest seller. The question to ask is this: If you knew every single word of every[Read On…]