I leased this domain name while in a hotel in Atlanta, Ga in September 2009. I had no idea how to develop or create websites, and I certainly did not have a whole lot of “knowledge” as it relates to the Bible, other than having read the Bible most of the way through at some point in my life, and pretty much knowing the overall gist of the message (at least I thought I did).

But what could I possibly say on this website that is called Made Worthy? Should I repeat the teachings of Jesus in a different format than others have done, in order to maybe gather some followers to my specific teaching style? Should I become a preacher and write inspiration sermons? Should I go in-depth into the scriptures, which I later wound up doing, in order to find out the things others dared to venture? Well, I’ve tried it different ways with this website in the past, but haven’t been comfortable with much of anything I said or did here.

There are websites (plenty of them) out there in which one can find out any and everything they desire to know, and the knowledge hidden in the scriptures goes as deep as you desire to take it. After nearing insanity due to a search for what boiled down to be nothing more than a desire for knowledge that would lead me to power over myself and even others if I wanted it, I finally realized that all of the knowledge in the world could not save me. When I say, “Save me,” I mean that all of the knowledge in the world cannot show me the way to living a peaceful, contented life that was useful for my own soul, useful for those I love, and useful for the overall loving and forward progress of the evolution of mankind as a whole.

I also have emotions and feelings about life in general, and DO NOT want to limit this website to just the Bible or JUST spiritual messages. There are a handful of articles here that talk very briefly about symbolism in the Bible that were written by me, because that’s what I wanted to teach to begin with on this website. I have my own proof of the things I believe, and I believe most of what I believe because of the proof that has been given. Some through experience, some through personal revelation, and most others through the slow death of my ego. But at some point in time in the future, I am going to re-vamp things a little.

I DO NOT LIKE CORRUPTION, and I DO LIKE EXPOSING it. I used to run a website that was visited by every US Government entity you can think of; even the “Oval Office of the White House,” but it was getting a little scary at the attention, so I took it down. I’ll save the deep stuff for when I’m not fearful of assassination, lol. Moving on for now though…

I have been shown and given miracles that have progressed my life, and also torn it apart at the seams. I have been cast into the outer darkness to fight my own demons, all the while causing havoc and chaos to the very ones that I loved the most. It could be said that my life is in chaos, and if judged by the standards of the world, you could say at this point that it is true. But from the absolute unfailing truth of what I like to call pure faith and love in the unfailing guidance of the Father, I can tell my stories on my own little platform here. You (the reader) can listen to my stories as I progress, fall backwards, doubt, believe, etc., curse the world, laugh, cry, whatever!

My purpose is to deny myself, and be led by the Spirit of God. My purpose is to train my mind to follow my heart, thereby escaping the dual nature that stems from contradictions of ego and love. Life isn’t supposed to be this difficult. All we have to do is know that WE ARE ENOUGH and WE ARE WORTHY AS WE ARE, and love ourselves and others in the same way that we desire to be loved. It has been said that “Love is the ONLY reality!” I say that it is the only reason we are here on this little school called earth; to let it grow within us.

Matthew 7:1 says, “Judge not, that ye be not judged.” It is one’s own self that does the judging, and we judge ourselves by the same measure we use upon others (whether we realize it or not). I judge no one for the things they do, and I do not judge myself either. I am a free man. Free of the letter of any law, therefore, free to follow my heart, which has been trained in what is good and evil. You are an equal here, no matter your social status, sexual orientation, color, religious creed, or anything else that egotistical man uses to divide one from another.

The simplicity that has grounded me (for now anyway), is that I AM enough. You are enough. We (You, I, Us) do not EVER need to take another step in this world or in eternity; we do not have to finish a list of “to-do’s” in order to be worthy. As we are, we are enough. Behind the masks and filters of faulty subconscious programming, the purity of the Divine hides, waiting to come forth. In this way, the Divine Creator can express Himself, through us, and into the world.

I’ve invited some others to write their interpretations of the Bible and other sacred texts on this site, and others to share personal experiences, and talk and discuss things that we do not necessarily have to have the answer to. I also have a lot to say about everything, and I do not want to limit this website, so if you see some strange categories (which I’ve hidden for now until there are more articles) that have nothing to do with spirituality, just understand that it does have something to do with making positive change for those that we leave behind.

It will all come together in time. Patience and faith are more precious than pure Gold, and none of it will happen without the input of the everyday loving seeker of truth. So, if you (anyone) have something to contribute, whether good or bad, or just want to share an experience, contact me using the contact form or leave a comment and speak your mind and share your story. This site will grow like a little mustard seed, and it is my hope that one day, some can rest in the branches of the tree that has grown.